Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Rules

1. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
2. Children are allowed to swim or play in the pool only when adults are present. Please maintain constant supervision over children.
3. No pets in the pool.
4. Walk slowly in the pool area. No roughhousing, dunking, pushing, or wrestling.
5. Keep the area clear of clutter, debris and toys. Toys can often attract young children to the pool.
6. No eating, drinking or chewing gum while in the pool.
7. No glassware or bottles allowed near the pool/water area.
8. No walking, diving or jumping from the infinity wall. These are tiled and extremely slippery.
9. Swimsuits must be worn while in the pool. Babies must wear a snug diaper and a swimsuit.
10. Please remove bobby pins and hair pins before entering the pool as these items can clog the filter system.
11. Please do not throw rocks or metal objects into the pool as they can damage the bottom.
12. No diving allowed.
13. All persons must shower off any oils/lotions before using pool or hot tub.
14. Life jackets not supplied.
15. The occupants and their guests assume full legal responsibility for the use of the pool, hot tub and property as a whole. Waive any and all claim for damages, liability, or negligence on behalf of the landlord or their Agent. The swimming pool rules are to be read and understood.

A copy of these rules will be supplied at Check-in and need to be signed by the primary occupant.